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As a Mid-life strategist, I am passionate about the promise and future of the Boomer population. If you have reached mid-life, you have the experience and maturity to know that as wonderful as life is, it can be unpredictable and uncertain. There are ways to build in comfort and happiness for today and confidence for a more secure future with a plan that includes taking good care of yourself.

Having a great companion (like my beagle Boswell) is one way I have found to bring comfort, companionship and laughter today. And, being a realist, I want to take good care of myself for the future by planning for it. That future may very well include long term care.

The subject of long term care (LTC) and how to pay for it are topics many people don’t want to think about, much less discuss.

  • Some people don’t fully understand what is meant by long term care.
  • Some mistakenly believe that Medicare will cover the cost.
  • Many think that they simply cannot afford to do anything
  • Some people assume long term care is covered by the Healthcare Reform Act (hint…it is not.)

The information in this website is meant to provide answers to many of your questions and hopefully calm your fears so that you can begin to proactively explore the subject of long term care and plan for the future.

There are three major factors which determine which direction makes the most sense. Those three factors are:

  • Your age
  • Your health
  • Your financial situation

My goal is to be a resource to help educate you so you can make an informed decision about which product(s) is most appropriate for you and your situation

Click HERE to learn more about our products and services, along with an analysis of how each fits with the 3 defining factors of age, health and financial situation.

Planning for retirement and long term care is a very good way to take care of yourself… and your loved ones.

If you can’t find the answers you need, or if you are not even sure what to ask – CONTACT me and ask me anything – I’m here to help.

Beverly Berner

Beverly Berner, CLTC
Long Term Care Insurance

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